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Working, employed persons: Participating in sports, exercise, and recreation: Estimates are annual averages for the civilian noninstitutional population age 15 and over unless noted. Activities refer to an individual's main activity. Other activities done simultaneously are not included. US Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Search: Search button. Charts The following charts provide a snapshot of how people use their time. Use this shortcut to retrieve your data.

Series ID Spreadsheets: A Tables — Spreadsheets with series IDs corresponding to estimates published on tables A-1 and A-2 , which provide time-use estimates for over activities by sex and day of week. Series IDs are available by age, employment status, and parental status. The newer multi-year microdata files listed above include data from the ATUS. Frequently Asked Questions What is a time-use survey? Latest Numbers. There is no fair play among the leftists; voting is just a mechanism for the exercise and accrual of raw power. For a democracy to function, there must be a free exchange of ideas.

Leftists do not believe in this. For the leftist, the consent of the governed and the opinions of the voters must be manufactured through the use of propaganda and the censoring and punishment of wrong-think. The propaganda and censorship is everywhere. Expressing wrong-think is dangerous, physically and financially. Your card has been declined because of your political views.

This is something Straussians understand. This fact gets to another reason that leftists hate democracy; censorship of wrong-think cannot be enforced in the privacy of the voting booth.

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For a democracy to function, everyone must be open to being persuaded by the free flow of ideas. In multicultural or diverse democracies, people vote their tribe. Voting patterns in the US and everywhere else are evidence of this. Although one is forbidden to speak of this, leftists understand very well the tribal nature of multicultural voting. This is among the reasons they are so intent upon importing into the US and into Europe hordes of certain types of immigrants legal and otherwise.

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Those immigrants will vote their tribe as a block. Young rightists see this plainly—as do young leftists.

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  7. Young leftists have a solution; rightists do not. For a democracy to function, truly important issues must be subject to the vote. However, in much of the West, important and society-changing decisions are made by bureaucrats and judges. Abortion and gay marriage are the clearest examples. To that we can add all of the widely-reported decisions by District Court judges in the US blocking various actions taken by the Trump administration.

    In the UK, the recent adoration of Lady Hale by leftists has been amazing to witness. There is a lot of other evidence that, despite what they say, leftists do not believe in democracy. Certainly, our globalist elites do not believe in democracy. According to our elites, the voters are too dumb to rule themselves. From all of this, no one should be surprised that rightists generally have lost their faith in democracy. Although leftists are agitating to abolish it, for now, the US remains a republic.

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    The Framers of the US Constitution rightly believed that pure democracy was dangerous. Historically, the Greek city-states lost their freedoms and democratic governments because the voters were stampeded by passion and deception. Under theories of republican forms of democracy, the representatives ought to be loyal to the voters that elected them. However, in the Western republics, our elected representatives have been anything but loyal.

    It seems that, no matter who is elected, the representatives are beholden to some group other than the voters. Brexit is another example. A huge number of MPs from districts that voted Leave have refused to support the choice made by those voters. The strange support for keeping US troops in Syria is another example. No US representative should have supported using US troops to defend the border of Syria and Turkey, particularly since so many of those same representatives see no need to defend the US-Mexico border.

    Bronze Age Mindset speaks to young men because it speaks in terms of reality.

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    If there is a sense of nihilism in the book, it is because the political problem is seemingly intractable, unsolvable. If a vast majority of leftists do not actually believe in democracy—do not believe in accepting the results of an election—then the political system is broken. Is every populist Republican president going to be subject to the same sort of resistance that President Trump is enduring?

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    Young rightists have no patience for conservatives who will not deal with this reality. And, seemingly, conservatives have nothing to say about this core political problem. Engaging in interesting discussions of natural rights and the glories of the Constitution is not useful if the leftists are going to ignore, subvert, and destroy the voting process.

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    An assassin hides out in Italy for one last assignment. Director: Anton Corbijn. Writers: Rowan Joffe screenplay , Martin Booth novel. From metacritic. Para assistir. Great Spy Movies. Must See Movies. Share this Rating Title: The American 6.