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  1. Competitor Name Analysis
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  3. Best way to get your Detailing business going?
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Competitor Name Analysis

You can charge money. They have a problem, you have the solution, they pay you money for it. It would make your life easier if you were able to have those at the ready. Yeah right! And to that, I will say, YEP! They want the end result. But the fact of the matter is you can use whatever you want to get the end result your customer is paying you to get.

Especially in the early phases. I mean anywhere between 3 to 10 years.

It will be very discouraging. You were excited on starting a business you were passionate about. You have all the tools and products to handle any customer coming your way. Is that the right thing to do or are you just going to be wasting time? Well, the answer is not simple and most of you will not like to hear it.

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You can figure it out in two ways:. There is no way around either of these options. You are now a salesperson. You are not customer service rep. You have to acquire these skill sets in order to be successful.

You have to think about current you and future you:. Do you want people to buy from you when you ask? Instead, you need to consistently follow up with them on a weekly and monthly basis. You can use a free option like MailChimp. Step 2 : Send an email out to your list every Friday or every other Friday. This email can be how-to tips, a detailed write up on a car you serviced, or it can be a how-to video linked in the email.

It has to be an email that adds value to them. This method is for nurturing your email list to buy. Now it is your turn to follow up with that prospect via phone call, email, and text in order to get them booked. Does that work for you? With a list that big, what does that make you think? The thought process is you want to offer all the necessary services and carry the correct tools and products to be able to handle any need your customers may have.

You can keep it much more simple than that. Reason 1 : Most of your customers are only going to want a few of your services. Right every single one down. Focus only on those. This is going to cause you to have a garage full of items collecting dust on your shelves.

You Don't Even Know Enough to Ask the Right Questions

Reason 3 : You can always go as they come instead of preparing for everything all at once. Instead, just buy what you need as the requests come in. Reason 4 : Build relationships with local detailers in your area to use their tools and gain their knowledge.


Get PDF Starting Your Own Business: Car Restoration and Detailing

Ask him what his process is like, help him out and see how he uses it first hand, ask if you can borrow it for a detail. This is can yield so many benefits for both parties.

Because first you need to be able to get eyeballs on your business. The best thing you can do is gain knowledge from buying books, courses, and reading blogs from those that have gone through it already and are more experienced than you. The second decision is whether you're going to start a business from scratch or buy out another professional detailing business.

If you're in an area with a number of thriving detailing shops under one or more franchise names, that should be an indicator that the community is buying a name. If the majority or all of the local competition are independent operators, there may not be any competitive advantage to opening a franchise.

The equipment used in a temporary location detailing business is the same as what you would use in a mobile business. In fact, many temporary location operators simply pull their mobile rig on site and open up for business. Some detailers will have agreements with two or three parking garages or gasoline stations to draw more business.

Perhaps the better question to ask is, does a detailer need to have a large budget and high-dollar equipment to present a professional image and build a good business? Not necessarily. Most newcomers to professional detailing are motivated by the self-employment aspect of the business.

Best way to get your Detailing business going?

As a result, they have a passion for getting the business started, no matter what it takes. Because anyone can purchase supplies and a few basic tools, it is possible to have very low overhead and low start-up costs operating out of the trunk of a car within the neighborhood.

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  7. It does not take a lot of experience to start work as a professional detailer. Most people can learn the business with only a few months of working for a professional detailing shop or by detailing their own cars as an enthusiast. If on-the-job training is not a viable option, classes and training tapes are readily available. Most experts in the car care field would not advocate starting a detailing business on a shoestring budget. This is primarily because it has the potential to hurt the reputation and the revenue of the industry.

    To keep their head above water financially, they rush jobs and cut corners. Don't fall into this trap. I believe you can start with a modest budget if you're willing to work hard to get started. Some expenses can be avoided in the first year, such as the attorney and accountant.

    How to Start a Car Cleaning Business

    Not that they are not important, but your needs are modest if you're starting small. Likewise, you don't have to invest in every tool or a brand-new van, truck or trailer. Where possible, buy used equipment. The best way to get started is to offer a basic wash and vacuum, express detail service. Advertise and promote the business by distributing flyers and business cards.

    Plan to do a lot of footwork, distributing handouts door-to-door or business-to-business. You'll need to send a direct mailing to everyone you know and then follow up with a phone call. Get listed in the Yellow Pages and put magnetic signs on your vehicle. Never be shy about asking family and friends for referrals, and provide people who give referrals a discount if they bring you business. No matter which kind of detailing business you decide to start, you will need a basic set of tools and supplies.