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As Jin and Michael work to fix it, Sawyer feels like his work is unappreciated. At this time, Walt points out a column of black smoke coming from within the forest horizon. The survivors gather together and realize that Rousseau's threats may have credence. Jack goes to Rousseau for more questioning. Rousseau says she has told them everything she knows about the Others, and Jack needs to find a way to hide 40 people. Locke takes Jack, Rousseau, Sayid, and Hurley to the Hatch, where Locke suggests the only place to hide their large group would be in the metallic structure that they still have no way to open.

He suggests they try the dynamite Rousseau used to destroy her camp. Rousseau says to acquire more dynamite would require them to venture back to the " black rock ," through an area of the jungle dubbed the Dark Territory. Jack, to calm the uneasy masses, tells them a plan is in the works already. Surprisingly, a biology teacher named Leslie Arzt , volunteers to go. He claims to have knowledge of handling volatile dynamite better than anyone else and offers his expertise.

Sawyer offers more help on the raft, but is rejected by Michael and Jin for the mishap earlier, prompting Sawyer to work solo on a new mast by cutting wood in the jungle. There, Jack approaches Sawyer, joking that Sawyer was a lumberjack in the real world. Sawyer, a little irritated, asks Jack what he wants. Jack offers Sawyer a gun, just in case something goes wrong on the raft journey.

Sawyer takes it, to which Jack wishes him good luck. As Jack walks away he is stopped by Sawyer, who reveals he spoke to Jack's father in Australia before his death and that his father was proud of him.

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Jack receives the news emotionally, but maintains himself, to which Sawyer wishes him good luck also. Walt asks Shannon why she is folding her clothes. She replies, "Because I'm anal. Sun says goodbye to Jin, and hands him a notebook with common English language nautical words and phrases written out phonetically in Korean. They make up, and he says he will still go on the raft, as he wants to do this to rescue her.

Jin, Walt, Michael and Sawyer set off in their raft, which appears to be fully operational.

God Is Active, Even When We Don't See Him

Vincent attempts to paddle out and follow them, but Walt tells him to turn around, which he does. As they head deeper into the jungle, Rousseau sees a vine with what looks like blue powder on it and declares they have entered the Dark Territory. This upsets Arzt, who decides to head back to the camp. The group continues on, but Arzt soon rejoins them - chased through the woods by the Monster.

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  • House of Glass, Book 2: The Exodus Series de D. Jean Quarles, Austine Etcheverry en Gandhi;
  • They are scared, but the beast leaves them unharmed. Rousseau says the beast is the Island's defense system. As they journey further, Rousseau says they have arrived at the Black Rock , which turns out not to be a geological formation, but a shipwrecked sailing ship. The episode introduces the series's departure theme, which initially characterizes the raft. It appears on the Season 1 soundtrack as " Parting Words ". Two new motifs play when the survivors discover the Black Rock - the wreck motif and the reveal motif.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. In Translation " Jin 18 " Numbers " Hurley. Running time. Production code. Flash sideways. Centric character s. Day s. Written by.

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    Directed by. Jack Bender. Special guest star s. Guest starring. Kevin E. Archive footage. Episode images Theories. Contents [ show ].

    Suffering and Hope (Exodus 1:1-2:10)

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