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Your current partner may not seem to be soul mate material, but your dreams may reveal that there is more to him or her than meets the eye.

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They may have a few jagged edges, but perhaps this is what is needed in this lifetime to bring the best out in both of you. Soul mate dreams can also play out on many levels and dimensions — so you may be dreaming of your soul mate, but they may not be embodied on this Earth.

However, you can still draw comfort from their healing presence and know that they are looking out for you. At first he was a child, as she was. She continued drawing him as he grew into adolescence and finally into manhood. She followed his progress over many dream adventures as he moved from city to city and continent to continent.

Dreaming.1(b) (Soul Mate)

Finally they met and he took her to visit the house he grew up in. She recognized it from one of her own early dreams. Other people dream of making love to a radiant being, a god or goddess, and find this to be quite exquisite. If you are happy in your current relationship yet have these dreams, find a way to bring the fragrance of the otherworld into your lovemaking and day-to-day life.

Doing so will bring heavenly qualities into your relationship, especially if you make this an ongoing practice. Finally, soul mate dreams may also be telling you something about your own relationship with the hidden side of yourself — the other half within you. The inner marriage heals inner conflicts and releases powerful creative energies. The answers to all your soul mate questions can be found in your own dreams — they are like hidden treasure. Soul Mate Dreams — fate or fantasy?

7 Signs That Your Soulmate Is Waiting For You To Manifest

By Horoscope. All of us want that special soul mate connection. Maybe there was an instant spark there and you may have even exchanged contact details. But whether you have done or not, when and where you least expect it, you run into them again.

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  • Pay attention. The universe could just be working to bring the two of you together. This can be anything from being at the same event, the same place or knowing the same people at some point but the timing was not quite right so you missed each other by hours or even minutes.

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    There have been many, many instances I know of where people have encountered their soul partner and initially dislike them on sight! I know of one case of a couple who have been happily married for 25 years in one of the most romantic marriages I know of, but initially when they met the now-wife could not stand him and said to the mutual friend who introduced them that she never wanted to see him again! Often our higher selves know more than we do and pick up the importance of the meeting before we are aware of it. Or we fear the very thing we want most of all and try running from it!

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    Oh, and just so you know in the case I mentioned above — the next time she met him they talked for hours and she never left! Be open. Soul mate connections come in all shapes and sizes and across all kinds of relationships. If someone wants to help you but seems to want nothing in return, this is a sign you are dealing with a soul mate. So, a soul mate could even be a boss who supports your career and helps you move forward, a teacher who devotes that extra time to you, someone who backs your idea or believes in you, a friend who is always there for you, no matter what.

    All these are soul mates.

    One sure sign you are dealing with a soul mate is that they help you grow on a human, emotional and spiritual level and they open doors for you into new worlds of possibility and experience. Understand that this can be positive and negative. Strangely enough, gaining the strength to leave a destructive relationship is a soul mate test! Soul contracts take many forms and this may not always be all wine and roses. Just because the soul connection exists does not mean you have to stay with someone who does not respect you or care for you.