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You should only have to sign into your NOOK account once to link it to your library account. Don't show this message again. This site uses cookies. Learn more about cookies. Main Nav Subject Navigation. Featured Collections. Audiobook Fiction. Audiobook Nonfiction. Streaming Video. Main Content. Deep Sky. Travis Chase Series, Book 3. Travis Chase. Patrick Lee More creators Edition -. Subjects - Fiction Thriller. Languages: - English.

The Breach trilogy by Patrick Lee

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Due to publisher restrictions the library cannot purchase additional copies of this title, and we apologize if there is a long waiting list. Be sure to check for other copies, because there may be other editions available. Recommended for you. Options for Patriot Acts by Greg Rucka. Patriot Acts. Options for Vicious Circle by Mike Carey.

Vicious Circle. Options for Walking Dead by Greg Rucka. Walking Dead. Options for Bio-Strike by Tom Clancy. Options for Cutting Edge by Tom Clancy. Cutting Edge. About the Author - Patrick Lee lives in Michigan. Kindle Book. File size:.

REVIEW: Deep Sky by Patrick Lee

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Patrick Lee Books In Order - Mystery Sequels

You've reached your checkout limit. You already have this title checked out. Recommendation Limit Reached. Recommend your library consider adding this title to the Digital Collection. Enhanced Details. Limited availability Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget. Holds Total holds:. Restricted Some format options have been disabled. You've reached your library's checkout limit for digital titles. Will Harley Quinn be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to become the hero she so desperately wants to be? Will they be enough to stop Sky Tyrant? How do you stop a man full of rage and steel will?

Death seems to be the only option, but their good friend Carter would also die in the process. Still reeling from a tragic loss last issue, Keldor and He-Man must find the legendary Star Seed—the last power in the universe able to destroy Anti-He-Man before he claims another Castle Grayskull! Plus, is Dangerfield, AZ, going up for sale?

Gotham City has never needed a hero more! This title is resolicited. Ben Arnell knew is wrong. Who can he turn to? The Joker waits with open arms…and all he needs from Ben is open cell doors! The unbelievable psychological thriller from the creators of Gideon Falls hits a fever pitch and crashes to its decisive finale…or does it?

Personal Data Collected

Even though the villain lies deep in the cells of the Hall of Justice, life itself is being warped by his reach! With Swamp Thing gone, the Justice League Dark must join forces with some of the most powerful avatars, like Animal Man, to help set things right. An unexpected arrival from the stars brings a dire warning to the Justice League: A new breed of conquerors is on the march.

To aid the Justice League, Batman makes the unprecedented decision of enlisting an ancient, unrivaled power, which calls into question who, exactly, is in charge. With the League on unsure footing, will they be ready to save the world? Eradicator and his strike team sweep across Earth with devastating consequences. The Justice League finds itself battered and overwhelmed by an enemy more powerful than even Superman.

With the team at half-strength, will it be enough to hold their enemies at bay? How much is Jessica willing to risk to save her old friends? Exactly how did this ragtag group of idealistic, super-powered teens from all across the galaxy find each other? What pulls them and keeps them together? The only thing standing between Lois and execution is the Question, but can Renee Montoya stop the Kiss before she fulfills her contract?

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Spy, and more, MAD will surely make the whole family laugh…while still managing to piss off some folks. The finale to the critically acclaimed series is here! Talon has been vanquished, but his interference has put Ric on the trail of other members of the Court of Owls. Have they been taking advantage of his injured state from the beginning? And what does that mean for the life he thought he lost? Magic and metahumans are everywhere, but good and evil are easy to spot—right? The heroes of the world would never let anything happen to it…unless it happened already.

Red Hood and the Outlaws are about to discover that the line between moral and immoral is very thin indeed. Meanwhile, Ruby must find her way through a maze in an effort to find her strength again after Qrow goes down on a mission with Team RNJR. Will they have the wherewithal to triumph? This issue is resolicited. As Squad members start to turn on each other, the mission rapidly falls to pieces—but new team leader Lok will let no bad deed go unpunished.

Who will take the fall? Making matters worse, the government has sent robotic military backup to Smallville to deal with the possible atomic threat of Infected Supergirl—and neither Wonder Woman nor Supergirl is prepared for the innocent casualties this could mean for the town.

Ihre Vorteile

Mongol will destroy the United Planets and Superman with it. And he said something about using Earth as his toilet. But the Klan has one more surprise to reveal. In order to save his friends and stop the Klan once and for all, Superman must face his own identity to unleash his full potential and ultimately accept who he really is.

Jix and Jimmy go back to Gorilla City, where they had a one-night marriage-stand. Go reread Superman: Leviathan Rising 1! With Deathstroke, Lobo, and the Other in their rearview mirror In this special extra-sized 25th issue, Michael Holt has dis-covered a deadly hidden enemy, and only a series of life-or-death simulations can bring the threat to the forefront!